In Response to Irresponsibility;

Fish lover. Vinyl collector. Game player. I aspire to be a Marine Biologist or Ichthyologist.


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Swiss Hammer
Dear love handles. Please go away. You’re throwing off my game.
To any of you Bungie/Destiny fans that are also cyclists, I’ll see you in the road till September. Get your Bungie cycling jersey
A better quality self of me and my plate
They see me Rollin’, they hatin’
New cycling jersey came in the mail today! So excited

Got a little Scooter Dragonette. He’s a little cutie. I’ve named him Roomba

Here’s my reef update. I can’t wait till my Zoa garden really starts to fill up. If only that didn’t take a couple years……….
Mushroom Coral update
Toadstool Coral update


Fancy new shoes
So many copepods